Our current field of membership includes all Employees of:

  • Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes
  • St. Agnes Convent
  • Agnesian Healthcare
  • St. Francis Home
  • Consultant’s Lab
  • FDL Regional Clinic
  • Agnesian Satellites
  • Physicians
  • Corporate Affiliates
  • Contractual Workers
  • Marian College
  • Agnesian Volunteers
  • Immediate Family Members of an Existing Credit Union Member
  • Patients Participating in Agnesian Healthcare, Inc. Loan Guarantee Program

“Once You Are A Member, You Will Always Be A Member” —- as long as you maintain an active account with us, regardless of where you live, or who your employer may be, you will always be a Credit Union member.  If YOU choose to close your account, you are always free to reopen your account at a later time.