Regular Share/Savings

A Share Savings account with a minimum balance requirement of $25.00 establishes and maintains your credit union membership. The dividend is calculated on the daily average balance and pays monthly at a rate determined by the Board of Directors.

Christmas Club

A Savings Account that helps members save for the holidays. It’s easy to save through payroll deduction and direct deposit in person, online or by mail. Accounts are paid out on September 30th of each year by transferring to your regular savings account.

Home Saver’s Club

This Savings Account is a spin off from our popular Christmas Club Account. This Savings Account is more flexible than our Christmas Club and can be used for vacations, home repairs or anything else you would like to save special for. Funds can be withdrawn from this account any time in the month of June or December without a penalty. On December 31st the remaining balance will be transferred into your regular savings account.